Measuring Guide

The Primary Reason for Insulating a Marine Exhaust System is Safety.

In an un-insulated system, oil that comes into contact with the exhaust system can catch fire. With exhaust blankets installed, the oil will reach only the cool exterior of the blanket. In addition, workers are protected from burns in case of contact with the exhaust system. An added bonus is a lower temperature in the engine room for much more comfortable working conditions.

A further safety measure is the installation of oil spray shields on hydraulic pipe flanges. In case of a seal on a flange breaks, the spray shield will prevent oil spray.

Exhaust systems on marine vessels require periodic maintenance. This can be costly with rigid, permanent type insulation, but is simple with our removable/reusable systems. Easy to install and just as easy to remove when necessary, they are a practical, economical solution.

Our insulation systems are asbestos-free and safe for temperatures up to 1200 degrees F, with higher temperatures available on request. The durable glass cloth jacket is oil, water, grease, and acid resistant for extended wear.

Specifications for Exhaust Blankets

We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with our Exhaust blankets.  We ask our customers to provide us with the following information

  1. If available, send us pictures of what you would like us to make a blanket for.
  2. Tell us what it is that is being covered.
  3. Explain and describe any cutouts the fabricator will need to ensure a proper fit. For example a custom cutout for tracing, valves, or pipes?
  4. Include details about the temperature rating for the equipment.

Careful measurement is your best assurance of a proper fit.