Why Insulate Your Exhaust System?

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How to provide Proper Specifications for Exhaust Blankets

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How to Provide Proper Specifications for Exhaust Blankets

Careful measurement is your best assurance of a proper fit.

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1. Measure accurately
Proper fitting of exhaust blankets depends on accurate measurements of the exhaust system. Because all orders are based on customer supplied measurements, Ballard Insulation, Inc. cannot be responsible for incorrect measurements.

2. Supply a detailed drawing
Be sure to show all hangers, supports and other obstructions that may interfere with installation of the blanket.

3. Supply Make/Model Number of silencers

4. Show Detail
A. Provide circumferences of all pipe, flanges and silencers as shown by (A) on the diagram. Give actual diameter, not nominal pipe diameter.
B. Show lengths of all piping. Measure surface of pipe between welds as shown by (B).
C. Show length at surface for heel (outside) and throat (inside) from weld to weld on bends and elbows as shown by (C).
D. Locate hangers, braces and bushings; show measurements from its center to the nearest reference point on piping as shown by (D). Indicate point of connection in reference to circumference of pipe.

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