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Sound Insulation

Leaded Hullboard is the most effective barrier-absorber product consisting of two layers of fiberglass board with an insertion of 1 lb./sq.ft. sheet lead between. The top layers of fiberglass faces the noise source to prevent excessive build-up of sound in enclosed areas, while the lead sheet and bottom glass layer prevent transmission of noise and vibration to living spaces or work areas. Leaded Hullboard has an overall thickness of 2" and is available in panels 2'x3'. It has reinforced white facing for high abuse or high temperature areas (450 degrees maximum). Installs with glue on hangers or wood screws. Leaded Hullboard is constructed from Coast Guard approved incombustible navy hullboard. Exposed areas can be sealed with 2" fiberglass hullboard tape for joints and lagging adhesive.

Barrier 104 combines a loaded vinyl mass barrier with an acoustical foam absorber and decoupler. This combination effectively blocks noise transmission with the added benefit of absorption of reflected noise in enclosed areas. Aluminized polyester film facing repels oil and moisture while allowing sound pressure waves to be dissipated into the foam beneath. The decoupler foam minimizes vibration transmission through the bonding surface. This product can be used for treated enclosures of all types, and is easily installed using contact cement or mechanical fasteners. The product can be easily cut to size as necessary and has a total thickness of 1". Available in sheets 32"x54". Flammability rating UL94 HBF.

Barrier 662 is specially designed for high intensity, low frequency noise that is typical of diesel engines in marine and industrial environments. No 662 consists of a filled vinyl layer with acoustical foam attached, for a total weight of 1.5 lbs/sq. ft. the high density of this product results in the maximum sound transmission loss available for a thin (3/8") flexible material. No 662 can be used to line all types of enclosures, ductwork, doors or machinery shrouds. Excellent as a heavy duty carpeting underlayment. Standard color is gray, which can be painted (acrylic latex only) to match surrounding decor. Standard size is 3/8" x 52" x 60' roll or cut to length. No. 662 carries flame ratings of UL #94 SE1 and Fed Spec. 191, Method 5903, on the foam and barrier components. the filled vinyl resists water or oil and withstands temperatures up to 200 degrees F.

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